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Gold Refining

Vimis Gold Refinery’s modern refining facilities deliver the highest purity of precious metals recovered from primary dorĂ© supplied by mining companies as feed material.

Our Clients benefit from Vimis Gold Refinery’s experienced and highly qualified staff who apply the most suitable and up-to-date refining techniques and practices to recover gold and silver to the highest purity levels.

Vimis Gold Refinery’s refining operations have an annual capacity of 360 Tons fine gold (600 Kg/Day; 8hour shift).

Benefits To You

Our processes enable us to refine gold up to a fineness of 999.0 parts per thousand and silver up to 999.00 parts per thousand.

Our first-class technical equipments and knowledge ensure an excellent refining service for our clients in the shortest possible time.

Vimis Gold Refinery applies stringent Health and Safety practices and strictly adheres to all environmental laws and policies.

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